RFI Submission Questions

This page allows you to preview the submission questions before submitting your idea. These are the questions you will be asked on the Ideas Portal, so read them carefully and gather all the material you’ll need to answer them fully.

Basic information

Idea Name:

Submitter Name:

Company Name:




Project Submitter Type (Manufacturer, National Laboratory, Utility/Program Administrator, Non-profit Organization, Consulting Firm, Other)

Is your idea a: (Technology, Practice, and Other __________[specify])

Technology/practice description & benefits

1) Please describe the technology or practice. (2,000 characters)

2) Describe how the technology or practice saves electricity or natural gas, reduces peak demand, and/or reduces GHG emissions. (800 characters)

3) Are there additional benefits that your technology or practice will provide? If so, please describe these benefits. (800 characters)

Target market description

4) Describe the target market sector and customers that will benefit from your technology or practice in California. For example, commercial, industrial, single family residential, multifamily residential, agricultural, etc., and, if applicable, key subsector. Be sure to specify whether it will benefit hard-to-reach customers, low-to-moderate income markets, disadvantaged communities, etc. and how. (800 characters)

5) Where, specifically, is the technology or practice available? Is it available to consumers in California? Please provide an example of a specific outlet or service provider, if possible. (800 characters)

6) Describe how the technology or practice is (or will be) delivered to the market. For instance, will it be available for direct purchase by the consumer through traditional retail establishments, or will it be available only through installation by a licensed professional, or something else? Is there a well-established distribution channel that can be used, or would one need to be developed or adapted?Also include any information about potential partnerships or partnership opportunities, including those with community-based or environmental social justice organizations, that would support the advancement of the technology or practice, if applicable. (4,000 characters)

7) What is your best estimate of current market adoption of the technology or practice? For instance, how many units or what percentage of the target market(s) have already adopted the technology or practice? (1,200 characters)

Market adoption barriers

8) What is keeping the market from adopting your technology or practice? Please list the key market barriers. (2,000 characters)

9) What limitation(s), if any, does the technology or practice have that must be overcome? What are the technical barriers, if any? (4,000 characters)

10) Beyond the standard or base case technology or practice, what are the alternative competing products or services (direct and indirect), and how does your technology or practice compete with them? (2,000 characters)

11) What type of market interventions, assistance, or support do you think are necessary to overcome the identified barriers? (2,000 characters)

Additional information

12) Do you have any additional information that would help the CalMTA evaluate your proposed idea? (800 characters)

13) If available, please provide names and links to any recently completed studies, workpapers, measure packages, whitepapers, industry publications, articles, interviews, and other supporting documentation related to this idea. (2,000 characters)

You will also have the opportunity to upload files. All CONFIDENTIAL information should be marked as such and uploaded at this point.

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