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About CalMTA

The California Market Transformation Administrator (CalMTA) develops and manages market transformation initiatives in the state to lower energy use and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) established a comprehensive market transformation framework in Decision 19-12-021 issued on December 12, 2019. The framework called for the creation of a market transformation administrator (now known as CalMTA) and an advisory board to the CalMTA (the Market Transformation Advisory Board or MTAB). The framework also provides funding for CalMTA to support market transformation initiatives (MTIs) to increase energy efficiency and reduce GHGs by driving market adoption of selected technologies and practices.

CalMTA works closely with and seeks input from the MTAB to discuss the development and implementation of MTIs for California.  We also welcome and encourage the involvement of interested stakeholders and the public. Join our email list to learn about meetings, input opportunities, and our work.

CalMTA’s highly qualified staff collaborates with a team of expert firms offering experience in energy efficiency, market transformation, evaluation, equity, strategy, marketing, evaluation, and program design.

Why we do this work

CalMTA engages with a broad range of stakeholders to identify and develop MTIs that will mainstream energy efficiency and help California achieve its energy and climate goals, while promoting workforce development and equity.

Energy efficiency is a proven tool that can lower energy use, reduce GHG emissions, improve grid flexibility, and create other non-energy benefits. To achieve this, we’ll rely on more than just established products and programs. CalMTA will identify cutting-edge energy efficiency and GHG reducing technologies and practices and couple them with activities that remove market barriers and jump-start market adoption. CalMTA will also work to ensure that the benefits of market transformation are accessible to all Californians.

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