About the MTAB

The Market Transformation Advisory Board, or MTAB, is a core component of the CPUC’s Decision on market transformation (D. 19-12-021)  which lays out the role and membership of the MTAB and describes various operating parameters. It assigns CalMTA the responsibility of constituting the MTAB under the guidance of the CPUC as one of its first tasks.

MTAB members provide expertise and unbiased, non-binding recommendations to CalMTA and the CPUC during the design and implementation of MTIs. This includes reviewing MTI selection criteria, providing feedback on the market transformation ideas submitted to CalMTA, and tracking market transformation activities.

MTAB representatives are intended to have diverse backgrounds and possess the following general characteristics:

  1. Represent organizations with a long-term background in California and national energy efficiency.
  2. Have a broad-based interest in outcomes of California and national energy efficiency proceedings.
  3. Have a solid understanding of market transformation principles.
  4. Have experience working constructively on advisory (or similar) committees.

CalMTA proposed MTAB members through an advice letter to the CPUC. The recommended MTAB members were approved by the CPUC in May 2023 in a Disposition Letter. Below are the documents (including the updated Conflict of Interest policy) submitted in the advice letter:

Charter with Conflict of Interest
Stipend Payment and Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy

MTAB meetings are open to the public. See the schedule on our News & Events page.

Current MTAB Members

Christie Torok, Regulatory Analyst at the CPUC | CPUC Representative

Cyane Dandridge, Founder & Executive Director of Strategic Energy Initiatives | Workforce and/or Labor Representative

Fred Gordon, Independent (formerly Energy Trust of Oregon) | Evaluation Professional Representative

Hayley Goodson, Managing Attorney with the Utility Reform Network | Ratepayer Advocacy/Protection Representative

Jeff Harris, Chief Transformation Officer for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance| National/Regional EE Policy Professional Representative

Karina Camacho, Senior Staff Analyst at Western Riverside Council of Governments | I-REN Representative

Ky-An Tran, Analyst for the CPUC Public Advocates Office | Ratepayer Advocacy/Protection Representative

Peter Miller, Independent (formerly NRDC) | Environmental Advocacy Representative

Randall Higa, Codes and Standards Program Manager and lead for Zero Net Energy Strategies at Southern California Edison | IOU Representative

MTAB members signed COI Disclosure Forms 2023 


2024 MTAB Meeting Dates

Registration for MTAB meetings will be available about a month in advance. You can register for MTAB meetings and other webinars on our News & Events page.

  • Thursday, April 25 (virtual)
  • Friday, June 14 (in-person & virtual)
  • Friday, July 12 (in-person & virtual)
  • Thursday, September 19 (virtual)
  • Thursday, November 21 (in-person & virtual)


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