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Catalyzing market change for the energy future we need

California has set a bold path to catalyze energy efficiency and decarbonization innovation with market transformation. CalMTA, a program of the California Public Utilities Commission, will deliver high-impact solutions that further the state’s clean energy economy and climate goals to benefit of all Californians.  

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Market transformation initiatives are forming now in California

CalMTA is developing a portfolio of market transformation initiatives (MTIs) that will accelerate adoption of energy-efficiency technologies and practices through strategic market interventions that result in long-lasting, sustainable change. Following our first request for ideas (RFI), CalMTA is developing MTIs in batches throughout 2024 and 2025. The top-ranked ideas submitted through the RFI have been grouped into batches for potential development into MTIs, beginning with three “frontrunner” MTIs.

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High-value changes that last.

Market transformation works to remove market barriers to the adoption of energy-efficient and climate-friendly technologies and practices to make them the new standard. Changes are lasting and have quantifiable benefits that remain long after active market interventions have ended.

Infusing innovation in all we do.

CalMTA initiatives are about rethinking how things are done. By targeting points of leverage along a supply and delivery chain, we can catalyze change in the way business is done in targeted markets to deliver efficiency, climate, and workforce development benefits.

Collaborative to our core.

We work with energy efficiency stakeholders, market actors, and others to deliver benefits for Californians. Through ongoing engagement and collaboration, we are maximizing input on our initiative development and ensuring that our efforts align with and support other programs.

Investing in energy equity.

CalMTA is working directly with community-based organizations to ensure that higher-paying clean energy jobs as well as the health and comfort benefits of our efforts reach those neighborhoods who have historically been left out of energy efficiency investments.

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