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Advisory Board FAQ

What is the role of the MTAB?

The MTAB is a core component of the market transformation framework in California.  MTAB members provide expertise and unbiased, non-binding recommendations to CalMTA and the CPUC during the design and implementation of MTIs. This includes reviewing MTI selection criteria, providing feedback on the market transformation ideas submitted to CalMTA for consideration, and tracking MT activities, budget, and schedules of initiative development and deployment.

Who are MTAB members?

MTAB members are individuals, representing organizations, who serve on the board.  Inaugural members are approved by the CPUC via a Tier 2 Advice Letter.  Representatives are intended to have the following general characteristics:

  1. Represent organizations with a long-term background in California energy efficiency,
  2. Have a broad-based interest in outcomes of California and national energy efficiency proceedings,
  3. Have a solid understanding of market transformation principles, and
  4. Have experience working constructively on advisory (or similar) committees.

In addition, MTAB membership represent diverse viewpoints and includes at least one member from each of the following backgrounds:

  • Ratepayer advocacy/protection
  • Workforce and/or labor
  • Environmental advocacy
  • Evaluation professional
  • National/Regional EE policy professional
  • Utility EE representative (to rotate among the IOUs, on the schedule and in the order on which they mutually agree)
  • CCA or REN energy efficiency professional
  • Up to two CPUC staff

MTAB members have an arm’s-length relationship with CalMTA’s work, especially the development and implementation of any MTIs, as well as Resource Innovations employees serving as CalMTA staff.

What are the duties of MTAB members?

MTAB members are expected to work collaboratively to advance California’s market transformation efforts, providing sufficient time and attention to MTAB business, and fulfilling the following expectations:

  • Understand and be dedicated to supporting the goal of CalMTA: to bring successful market transformation initiatives to California.
  • Attend all meetings. If this is not possible, alert CalMTA ahead of time, and follow up on the material covered.
  • Come to meetings fully prepared, having reviewed pre-meeting materials.
  • Participate constructively in meetings and help further the goal of CalMTA’s and market transformation.
  • Understand and educate others about bringing successful market transformation initiatives to California.

What is the expected time commitment?

MTAB members will have four to five full-day meetings in 2023 and quarterly meetings in subsequent years with some being in-person. Occasionally there will be additional MTAB or subgroup meetings. In addition, there is time dedicated to reading meeting preparation materials in advance.

What about potential conflicts of interest?

The nominee and the organization represented must be willing to abide by MTAB conflict of interest policies which are currently being reviewed for approval by the CPUC. In general, MTAB members must have an arm’s-length relationship with the CalMTA’s work, especially in the development and implementation of market transformation initiatives.

Conflicts of interest could occur if the member or the organization they represent has financial relationships with companies who are under contract to provide the services of the CalMTA.  These include Resource Innovations and its subcontractor firms:  Cadmus, 2050 Partners, the Ortiz Group, Brio and Unrooz Solutions. Conflicts could also arise as CalMTA selects market transformation initiatives. Applicants for MTAB seats who have conflicts that cannot be mitigated will not be able to serve. The nominee and the organization they represent must also be willing sign non-disclosure agreements as the need arises.

How will MTAB meetings and recommendations be conducted?

MTAB meetings will be public except for retreats or portions of meetings with the purpose deepening the effectiveness of members’ interactions, or when confidential information is being discussed. Opportunities for public comment will be provided at public meetings.

MTAB members will provide their advice to the CalMTA during these meetings or comment in writing. Notes will be taken at all MTAB meetings to reflect a summary of what was discussed and to document MTAB recommendations. These will be posted on the CalMTA website.

What are the terms and compensation for MTAB members?

Members of the MTAB are volunteers and are not employees of CalMTA or Resource Innovations, which administers CalMTA services, the CPUC, participating investor-owned utilities, or the State of California. Representatives from Energy Efficiency Program Administrators and government agencies are not eligible for a stipend.

Other members will be paid a stipend of $1,400 for each six-hour meeting that the member attends. This will be prorated for meetings of greater or lesser length. Compensation and travel expense reimbursement will be paid to the member’s employer unless the member can show justification for receiving these monies directly and their organization agrees.


If you have any questions about the MTAB or the CalMTA, please email Taqua Ammar at

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