Advice letter filed to form advisory board

Resource Innovations, on behalf of CalMTA, filed an advice letter to the CPUC today to form a Market Transformation Advisory Board (MTAB). The advice letter includes names of recommended members as well as alternates from various backgrounds including:

  • Ratepayer advocacy/protection
  • Workforce and/or labor
  • Environmental advocacy
  • Evaluation professional
  • National/Regional EE policy professional
  • Utility EE representative (to rotate among the IOUs, on the schedule and in the order on which they mutually agree)
  • CCA or REN energy efficiency professional
  • Up to two CPUC staff

The MTAB is a core component of California’s market transformation framework and has an important role in contributing to the review and prioritization of the market transformation initiatives to be adopted by the CalMTA.

Read the advice letter including the MTAB Charter and proposed Conflict of Interest policies.

Learn more about the MTAB

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