On Demand: CalMTA Evaluation Framework Follow-Up Discussion Webinar (1/8/24)

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A draft MTI Evaluation Framework was released by CalMTA last fall for public review and comment. The draft document described the policies, principals, and high-level approaches used to assess market transformation initiatives (MTIs) that will bring lasting energy efficiency benefits to California. CalMTA staff have been working in consultation with the Market Transformation Advisory Board (MTAB) to resolve comments that were received.

This webinar provided an opportunity for MTAB members to continue the discussion from a recent meeting on the approach for oversight of selection and management of 3rd-party evaluations, including several mechanisms to ensure independence. Karen Horkitz, CalMTA evaluation lead, was be available to address feedback received from MTAB members and provide additional clarification about the proposed evaluation approach, oversight, and management.

To catch up on the previous MTAB discussion about the draft MTI Evaluation Framework visit: MTAB Meeting recording on Dec. 1 (the Evaluation Framework discussion starts at 01:12:23 minute mark).

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