On Demand: CalMTA Request for Ideas briefing

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This virtual event about the RFI was held on June 14, 2023 and is now available on demand.

Got game changing innovation? 

Learn about CalMTA’s Request for Ideas (RFI) and prepare to share your market transforming ideas.

CalMTA is seeking ideas to help California reach its energy efficiency and decarbonization goals through market transformation. If you know of cutting-edge technologies or practices that save energy, we want to hear from you through our RFI opening until Aug. 18, 2023.  CalMTA will also favor ideas that deliver clean energy workforce development and energy equity. Submissions that advance will be further developed and deployed to remove market barriers and catalyze market adoption. This includes a competitive solicitation of bids for firms for implementation.

This on demand webinar covers the types of market-level initiatives CalMTA is developing, how to submit your idea and the information requested, how submissions will be reviewed and scored based on several categories, and next steps for development. This RFI is an opportunity to influence California’s market transformation portfolio of technologies, products, services, practices, or delivery approaches that save energy. Join us in creating a new marketplace of ideas!

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