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We're seeking ideas that will help California reach its energy and climate goals by accelerating market adoption of efficiency.

We want to hear your ideas

Request for Ideas is open May 29 – July 3

CalMTA is looking for ideas that will help California reach its energy efficiency, decarbonization, workforce development, and equity goals through market transformation. We are working to create long-lasting, sustainable changes in the structure or functioning of the market by reducing barriers to the adoption of energy efficiency.

If you have an idea for how to accelerate the market adoption of an emerging energy efficiency technology or practice, we want to hear about it. If your idea is selected to advance, CalMTA will develop a plan for executing it and, in most cases, conduct a competitive solicitation for its delivery.

All ideas are selected in collaboration with our Market Transformation Advisory Board (MTAB). This process and MTAB meetings are public. Register for an upcoming MTAB meeting or view past meeting materials.

3 simple steps to submit your idea


  • Answer the self-screening questions below to determine whether your idea is a fit for CalMTA’s program goals
  • Review the submission questions in advance to understand the requirements, including information you must gather
  • Review the criteria that will be used to screen and select the ideas
  • Consult the FAQs if you have questions


Follow Up

  • CalMTA may contact you if there are questions about your idea
  • You will be notified about whether or not your idea advances to Stage 2 scoring. The selection process takes approximately 4-6 weeks after the RFI closes
  • You can check the status of your submission on the idea portal
  • If the market circumstances change, you can log into the portal and resubmit your idea

Self-screening questions

Use the following questions to determine whether your idea is an appropriate fit for CalMTA:

  1. Does your technology or practice have the potential to save energy in California? Can the energy savings be measured?
  2. Does your technology or practice reduce carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions or deliver other benefits such as grid/demand flexibility?
  3. Is the technology or practice commercially available now or on track to be within the next six months? If so, are there testing results or other research to support the market-readiness of the technology or practice that you can share?
  4. Does your technology or practice have the potential to meet or exceed existing consumer needs?
  5. Is there a compelling opportunity to address a non-financial market barrier that is keeping your technology or practice from being widely adopted?
  6. Is this the first time that you will be submitting this idea to CalMTA?

If you answered “No” to any of the questions, your idea may not qualify for CalMTA development. If you are unsure of the answer to any of these questions, you should address those issues prior to submitting your idea to CalMTA.

If you can answer “yes” to all the questions, we encourage you to submit and are excited to have your help to create a marketplace of ideas to develop an impactful market transformation portfolio for California!

Questions? Email info@calmta.org

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