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Efficient Rooftop Units (ERTUs) Advancement Plan

Efficient Rooftop Unit Advancement PlanThis Advancement Plan describes information to be developed and research conducted to establish an Efficient Rooftop Units (ERTU) Market Transformation Initiative (MTI). Rooftop units are forced-air systems that package the evaporator, condenser coils, fans, and heating components into a single unit to serve a building’s heating, cooling, and ventilation needs. Three main design improvements addressing supply efficiency, heat recovery, and an improved shell can deliver 10-40% energy savings beyond today’s minimum efficiency RTUs. Greater savings and grid benefits can be achieved through the addition of advanced controls strategies.  CalMTA will use data and research collected to further inform and refine the proposed market transformation theory, intervention strategies, and metrics and data to determine if this MTI should be recommended for implementation.

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Public comment was collected via the California Public Utilities Commission Public Documents Area from December 6-20, 2023 and the Market Transformation Advisory Board. The MTI Advancement Plan Batch 1 Feedback Memo and ERTU Advancement Plan Feedback Response Memo provide a comprehensive list of comments received and CalMTA’s response.

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