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Induction Ranges and Cooktops Advancement Plan

Advancement Plan cover showing a person cooking on an induction rangeThis Advancement Plan describes information to be developed and research conducted to establish an Induction Ranges and Cooktops Market Transformation Initiative (MTI). Induction ranges and cooktops use electromagnetic induction to heat cookware directly. Unlike traditional gas or electric stoves, which heat the burner, and the burner in turn heats the cookware, induction stoves work by directly heating the cooking vessel. They save energy through instant, direct, and efficient heat transfer, and provide precise temperature control. They do not emit noxious gases that contribute to reduced indoor air quality. Induction cooktops are available on combined stove/oven units, as a cooktop installed in a countertop, or as portable plug-in countertop units. 

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Public comment was collected via the California Public Utilities Commission Public Documents Area from December 6-20, 2023 and the Market Transformation Advisory Board. The MTI Advancement Plan Batch 1 Feedback Memo and Induction Ranges & Cooktops Advancement Plan Feedback Response Memo provide a comprehensive list of comments received and CalMTA’s response.

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