MTI Evaluation Framework

Cover of draft Evaluation Framework with photo of coastal highwayThe California Market Transformation Framework, created via CPUC Decision 19-12-021, calls for setting clear savings goals and other market transformation initiative (MTI) metrics to ensure a high level of accountability, and ongoing evaluation to reduce program performance risk. To ensure this outcome, CalMTA has developed an MTI Evaluation Framework that describes the policies, principles, and high-level approaches that CalMTA will use to assess its portfolio of MTIs. The approaches are consistent with the Decision and reference the substantial existing body of literature on the best practices and lessons learned for market transformation evaluation.

The draft MTI Evaluation Framework was available for public comment Oct. 17-Nov. 2, 2023 on the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) public documents site. CalMTA has compiled a comprehensive list of comments received and provided a response to each comment in the MTI Evaluation Framework Feedback Response Memo.

Read the MTI Evaluation Framework

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