Program Strategy Pilot: Induction Cooking Chefluencer Event Testing

CalMTA received approval for the advancement of a potential Market Transformation Initiative (MTI) focused on induction cooking in January 2024. As part of the research phase for this MTI, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) also approved a Strategy Pilot targeting the stocking and pricing of induction cooking with major retailers, called the Geographic Targeting Using ESRPP for Portable/Window Heat Pump and Induction Cooking. This pilot launched May 1, 2024, and will provide important sales data, lessons learned on sales and stocking practices, and whether a geographically targeted upstream approach will be effective and viable for induction and portable heat pumps.

The proposed Strategy Pilot described in this document is designed to test an intervention that could be used to change public opinion, build awareness of the benefits of induction cooking, and ultimately grow demand for induction cooktops and ranges. This Strategy Pilot builds upon the work that others have already been doing in California.

Program Strategy Pilot: Induction Cooking Chefluencer Event Testing

This document was posted for public comment on the California Public Utilities Commission Public Document Area from May 22-June 5, 2024. The Chefluencer Strategy Pilot Feedback Memo provides a comprehensive list of comments received and CalMTA’s response. Watch the Chefluencer Strategy Pilot recording of the June 7 webinar.

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